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Carsoli celebrates the Liberation of Italy and the anniversary of the eighth Easter day of war destruction

In Carsoli, an impressive ceremony in the historic center and specifically in the places where bombings, destruction and death took place.

Carsoli – Celebrations took place everywhere on April 25th, the Liberation of Italy. In Carsoli this year instead of at the War Memorial located in the public gardens, the administration decided to celebrate the anniversary of April 25, to coincide with the anniversary of the Carsoli Bombardment which took place on the eighth of Easter. Therefore the ceremony took place in the historic center and precisely in the places where the greatest concentration of victims and destruction of houses occurred with the people who were inside. The procession moved from Piazza Corradino to then reach Largo Caduti of 44 between Via Carlo Scarcella and Via Spiagge Castello where a bouquet of flowers was placed, and then the procession continued to Largo di Via beaches Castello where a bas-relief sculpted by the sculptor Francesco Marcangeli. In this area, formerly called “ju bastione”, the main destruction of the bombs occurred, which suddenly destroyed houses, buildings, causing death and destruction. The goal was the killing of a German hierarch, a mission that however failed to provoke in the city of Carsoli a destruction that will mark the fate of many families and caused suffering and economic and social crisis for several years. The Mayor Velia Nazzarro during his speech recalled the sacrifice of the victims, and reaffirmed the need for respect for the values ​​of the institutions and peace in recalling the war. Also present at the ceremony was Nancy Valentina Vezza, daughter of the late Antonietta Cangelmi, a native of Carsoli who later emigrated to America. The Vezza, after the mother’s recent death, has found a series of written testimonies of her own joint that narrates the intense suffering of bombing, death, pain and destruction. On the occasion of the 75th anniversary, he wanted to be present at this event to commemorate his mother and at the same time to honor all the war dead. The same also announced a publication with a collection of such testimonies that will be given to the city in perpetual memory. Finally the writer Roberta Rubini also read an important passage in her memoir “Riccardo’s war”. During the ceremonies, the significant presence of young adolescents from Carsoli that brought the tricolor to the opening was not insignificant. In the presence of the police, the flag-raising ceremony was performed by the Alpine Group Chief Marco Carlizza, the military ceremonial by the President of the National Carabinieri Association of Carsoli Domenico Gregori. The Banda di Pescorocchiano accompanied the ceremony with the ritual pieces.

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